Woman thinks she sees lone stray curled up in snow but finds she’s protecting 5 tiny kittens

We will never truly measure the capacity of a dog’s heart.

One might be tempted to think that we have taught dogs how to love.

But there are moments where this thought is challenged in the most heartwarming of ways.

In a neighborhood in Ontario, a stray dog proved that love and compassion are ingrained into their DNA.

It’s this instinctual drive to be a “dog for others” that helped her save not only her life but of others as well.

An anonymous person surrendered a stray dog.

Things like this happen often, no matter how frustrating and heartbreaking it can be, but this is no ordinary rescue.

Together with the dog was a pleasant surprise, despite the circumstance she was found in. She was not alone when she was found because surrendered with her were five little kittens.

The stray dog was found in the streets.

According to the Good Samaritan who found her, she was driving through the neighborhood when she saw the dog curled up and shivering.

Worried, she approached the dog to check on her condition


But as she inspected her, the dog revealed that her own warmth wasn’t her priority. What the stranger saw was enough to warm her heart.

Five kittens huddled together close to the dog.

The dog would’ve looked for a safer and warmer place to stay but she decided to stay with these wee animals so they can be protected from the weather.

The person who found her and the staff at the rescue shelter don’t know where they came from or how they came together.

All they knew is that this dog undoubtedly saved the lives of these five little kittens.

It’s a fortunate thing that they were found too.

Things could’ve been a lot worse if they were left out in the snow, most especially since the kittens are just growing up.

Thanks to the stranger’s concern, however, the six of them now have a better chance at getting the life they deserve.

At that moment, the dog, now named Serenity has done what she was set out to do. The five kittens were fostered until they grow old and big enough to be adopted.


Meanwhile, Serenity’s gentleness, kindness, and compassion changed her life for the better. From a stray dog, people’s inquiries about her flooded the rescue shelter.

It didn’t take long before a loving family took her in.

Warm, cozy bed with nutritious meals and a place to play, Serenity’s life is far from the snowy streets she was once found on.

And while she’s now separated from the kittens, the brief time they shared together gave them a chance to live out beautiful lives.

Good news for all

Her current owners shared that she’s still a playful goofball. And underneath her child-like energy lies a soul of a gentle friend and a loyal companion.

Meanwhile, the kittens she adopted were also placed into their loving forever homes.

Much like us, differences in species don’t stop one from taking care of another. And we think that’s beautiful.

Get a glimpse of Serenity’s beautiful new life in the video below!

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