Woman Finds Out And Posts Pictures Of How Cats Would React If You Suddenly Died At Home

More than one month ahead is gonna be Halloween, which is one of the funniest celebrations around the world where people can decorate some spooky characters and elements, and kids will hang around the neighbors to say “Treat or Tricks” and get candies. One of the elements that can’t be missed when you put on the decoration in the house is a 6 feet tall skeleton. It is usually placed on the couch, near the fireplace, which is also related to what a cat desires.

More info: Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

Here’s a kitty named Hazel chilling with her human-sized skeleton pillow

This mutual feature brings out a lot of concerns for cat lovers whether cats are actually aloof and enjoy being alone rather than have a human companion. People keep wondering about what would a cat react when their human friend suddenly died and left them alone. One woman posted some adorable photos about her kitty chilling on the sofa with a skeleton-like pillow. A kitty named Hazel didn’t appear scared of the skeleton, whereas she was so calm and taking a nap on the no longer alive owner’s lap.

Turns out, the skeleton also has a name which is Patella

Dr. Kristyn Vitale, Assistant Professor in Animal Health and Behavior, showed some points about cats are actually as friendly and affectionate as dogs or babies.

“Cats that are insecure can be likely to run and hide or seem to act aloof. There’s long been a biased way of thinking that all cats behave this way. But the majority of cats use their owner as a source of security. Your cat is depending on you to feel secure when they are stressed out.” – She said.

Yes, Hazel is completely calm

Turns out, cats are not mysterious, cats are not distant, cats are not evil, cats are not even revengeful. They just love you in their unique way and you have to learn their love language. People might think when cats show their back or their butt is not a respectful way to show love, but oh well, that’s their natural instinct.

And not spooked at all

After the Twitter user posted the pictures, people constantly responded to the threat and they admitted the cats would do the same with the skeletons. Some people were so excited to try out with their cat, they asked where they could buy this stuff. Take advantage of this Halloween to give your cat a shot to see how cats would react!

At this point, these two are sort of inseparable

Apparently, you can buy this skeleton plush at Target

Some people got inspired and started posting pics of their own cats hanging out with spooky skeletons

Gotta admit this looks cozy as heck


For some reason, they’re totally fine with this whole situation

It’s truly A THING now

Seems like it’s even better than laying on a human’s lap

I mean, at least this one doesn’t move, right?

Apparently, the more skeletons there are, the better


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