With No Other Option The Only Thing He Could Do To Hopefully Save Her Was Try And Stop Traffic

He could quickly see if he was going to save this kitten’s life he would have to stop traffic!
Earlier this year a tiny kitten was seen paralyzed in fear trapped in the middle of the road near Lion Rock Tunnel in Hong Kong. What made a bad situation even worse was it was rush hour and everyone was passing by, she was going to get run over soon!

Frozen to the road, drivers just drove around the frightened feline until he was spotted by Keven (Keok Kin Wai) who decided to do something to help.

Kevin happened to be passing by on a moped when he saw the kitten and knew the feline was not going to survive much longer. Cars were rushing by, or right over the tiny bundle of fur so he decided to act.

He rode his scooter over to the side of the freeway and signaled for oncoming traffic to slow down so he could approach the kitten.

He quickly plucked to frightened furball to safety and sprinted back to his scooter.

The whole rescue was captured by the dashcam of a waiting car and shared via social media.

Kevin meanwhile had reached out on social media in a Facebook post hoping to find the kitten’s possible owner.

No one came forward to claim the kitten, but Kevin was able to get in touch with a volunteer from a local rescue group to help foster the kitten and get the little fur buddy the medical attention he needed.

Kevin has never had a cat before but he believes that it is fate that brought them together.

“After discussing with the family, we would like to adopt the kitten and let our fate continue on,” Kevin said. “The kitten is named Lion because he was found by the tunnel at Lion Rock.”

Little Lion is currently in foster care while Kevin is getting his home renovated and kitty proofed. Once the renovation is complete, they will officially welcome their new addition to their family.

Kevin met with a volunteer from a local rescue group who found little Lion a foster home.

Little Lion is doing well in his foster home, learning to groom, and is cuter than ever!

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