Wildlife photographer capturess a very exceptional moment of bird bathing in a flower petal

All of the humankind like admiring nature pictures. These captures taken by photographers help us to approach nature and be aware of how rich are the flora and fauna.

There are some amusive, undiscovered moments that we miss. Fortunately, cameras sometimes catch those instants for us!

A photographer from India – Rahul Singh is known for taking various pictures of birds. In his Instagram, @rahulsinghclicks, you can see numerous pictures of colorful birds.

But once this guy caught once-in-a-lifetime series of photos that immediately went viral. It was a scene where a bird was bathing in a flower petal.

It was a year ago when he visited a place full of bushes of banana trees. He intended to capture sunbirds sucking nectar from banana flowers.

It was an ordinary photoshoot when suddenly he realized that a sunbird is taking bath in the water filled into the flower petal.

It was a very exciting scene so Rahul took several photos keeping his finger pressed on the shutter button of the camera.

It is obvious that the birdy enjoyed the bath. The man explains that in autumn days are hot in that place and evenings are mild. In the mornings, dew water is found on the top of the grass and in flowers.

It was very unusual behavior and the shoots immediately were spread on the Internet.

This is how nature can amaze people!

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