Two Gorillas couldn’t stop Hugging each other in a Touching reunion after 3 Years Apart!

This reunion was a long time coming…

Amazing to see two animals so loving ,some humans could take a lesson from this!
Please don’t scroll without giving them some love! 🙏🙏

It’s adorable and touching how they show their brotherhood!
This touching reunion is of 2 silverback gorillas, Alf, 9, and Kesho, 13, reuniting at the Longleaf Safari Park in Wiltshire, England. They hadn’t met each other for more than 2 years as Kesho was moved to the London Zoo to be part of a breeding program.

When they met again, they were moved to tears and couldn’t stop hugging. They even share food and play on the lawn together like children!

The zoo staff did not hesitate to capture and share this unexpected moment.

Furthermore, Mark Tye, Longleat zookeeper, said that after the emotional reunion, the two gorilla brothers act as if they were not separated! How adorable!

There are no words to describe the happiness of seeing a loved one after a long time apart, but these hugs do!

The video of this reunion has gone viral all over the world:

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