These babies are around 2 weeks old and are as cute as buttons! We have a black & white, a solid black, a grey & white, and a solid grey. Very ascetically pleasing, no?

Introducing… Wrenleigh, Walter, Weniki, and Winifred!⁣

These babies are around 2 weeks old and are as cute as buttons! We have a black & white, a solid black, a grey & white, and a solid grey. Very ascetically pleasing, no?

Unfortunately, these guys seem to have been well cared for, which means they had a mama. And they are definitely missing her right now. They are plump and clean and have no earthly idea what to do with a bottle! So I’m tube feeding them for now and giving them practice with a syringe every couple of meals. It’s not clicking for any of them yet but hopefully it will soon and we’ll have four bottle baby pros before we know it! ⁣

In the meantime, they’re learning that they’re safe and warm and loved. I’m certainly no replacement for your mama, kids, but I’ll do my best ♡⁣ @our_fostering_tails said.

Look at these babies go!! They have finally decided this formula stuff isn’t as bad as they first thought⁣ 😉

*please note: I am not pushing down the syringe in these videos as that could cause aspiration. What you see is all due to the kittens’ sucking strength!⁣ @our_fostering_tails said.

Cuteness doubled 🤍🖤 @our_fostering_tails said.

Big boy Walt ♡ @our_fostering_tails said.

it doesn’t matter what she does – Wren is really really cute! @our_fostering_tails said.


Weniki’s got her head in the clouds ☁️ @our_fostering_tails said.

The ear wiggles are strong with this one! @our_fostering_tails said.


Happy 4ish Weeks to Weniki!!

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣A couple people have asked about Weniki’s name. It’s the Hawaiian version of “Wendy” – which is my mom’s name! She spent some of her growing up years in Hawaii and to this day remembers that time so fondly. So this little girl is named in honor of her and those childhood memories 🥰 @our_fostering_tails said.

Happy 4ish Weeks to Wrenleigh!!

Out of the tuxies we’ve had since Kolbe (Murphy, Naomi, Raphael), Wren is the one who looks most like him. Since he’s still wearing a cone and sporting his shaven parts from surgery, Kolbe says he isn’t up for photos yet. But as soon as he is, I can’t wait to get some super snazzy shots of him and his little girl lookalike! @our_fostering_tails said.

Happy 4ish Weeks to Winnie!!⁣

I like to call her Lady Winnifred but Winnie the Pooh is a more accurate nickname for this sweet and silly doll baby. Winnie is *extremely* friendly and loves nothing more than to tumble into your lap and stare up at you adoringly with those dark round eyes. @our_fostering_tails said.

Happy 4ish Weeks to Walter!!⁣

Walt may be the biggest of the group, but he’s convinced that he is actually the baby. We’ve affectionately given him the nickname of “couch potato” because while his sisters have been busy playing, wrestling, and exploring a little beyond their pen, Walt is more than content to just roll around in his bed and wait for his bottle to be brought to him!⁣ @our_fostering_tails said.

Winnie and her lil legs 🥺 @our_fostering_tails said.

On a scale of 🏈 to 🥑, how would you rate Weniki’s big and beautiful belly? @our_fostering_tails said.

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