The Sweetest Tribute To The Soccer Player’s Beloved Dog As He Celebrates Goal

Earlier this week, Israeli soccer star Elay Tamam transformed a moment of celebration into a heartfelt dedication in honor of a pet he had recently laid to rest.

Although Tamam plays midfield for the team Hapoel Rishon LeZion, it seems more likely that he views himself as Sky’s best friend above everything else, who sadly passed away this month. Tamam stated as much.


Tamam scored a challenging goal in a Monday game that was broadcast, much to the audience’s delight. But Tamam decided to give the honor to Sky rather than take in the praise.

Tamam took off his jersey to show a shirt bearing a picture of Sky, which he proudly exhibited in front of everyone.




Tamam was penalized for taking off his jersey, a result he probably expected. He seemed to think the memorial to Sky was worthwhile.

That is how much he mattered to him.




Tamam demonstrated more than simply athletic prowess at that time. He spoke of sublime love.

“Sky, I want to thank you for every second you spent with me, for every lick, for every bark, for every moment of joy, joy, and love,” Tamam wrote in a post to his beloved dog. “You taught me what true love is, unconditional love. I love you the most in the world.”

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