The “Saddest Cat” In The Shelter Waited Nine Months For The Ideal Family

This adorable shelter cat’s sad eyes give away a life filled with sadness and anguish, yet they only reveal a portion of the truth.

Nutmeg, as he’s now known, was rescued as a stray in September of last year, and taken to Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, New York. Thought to be 5 years old, the cat had clearly been through a lot of hardship; he was emaciated, his ears were damaged and he was suffering from a nasal infection.

His perpetually worried face showed that he’d run out of hope.

“When we first met Nutmeg, it seemed as though he might be the saddest cat in the world,” Paige Doerner, communications specialist at the shelter, told.

Although Nutmeg may have lost hope, his rescuers did not.

The tiny cat’s health slowly but surely got better, and despite the residual grief on his face, his charming personality started to come through. However, Nutmeg’s greatest need was a permanent home of his own, but prospective adopters continued ignoring him.

He remained in the custody of Lollypop Farm and foster homes for the following nine months. But everything changed recently.

That “saddest” cat finally found the family he had been searching for for a very long time last weekend.

“A young couple who fell in love with Nutmeg the moment they saw his face adopted him” stated Doerner. The adoption counselor who organized Nutmeg’s meet-and-greet with his adoptive family said that they expressed their excitement for him and their eagerness to bring him home.

A few days later, Nutmeg’s family posted a picture of their new pet in his home, and the expression on his face speaks volumes.

Doerner said, “We simply adored the snapshot his new family gave us with Nutmeg’s charming smile! The best pleasure of all was watching Nutmeg at ease, happy, and adored in his new home since everyone who knew him at the shelter understood what a special, sweet cat he was.

Although Nutmeg’s expression was distinct, the grief he felt was not. Numerous more cats are waiting at shelters to be adopted, much like the couple who took Nutmeg in.

Doerner stated, “We hope that even more individuals will choose to adopt and start their own narrative with a rescue pet. We know that they will have so much fun with their new feline family member.

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