The Pet Of Vikings – Norwegian Forest Cat

With long bushy hair covering its large frame, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a suitable name to describe this breed native to Norway. The Norwegian forest cats are a very popular breed of cats in the Nordic countries, they are one of the most popular pet choices in Norway, Iceland, Sweden, and also France.

It is believed that they were brought by the Vikings in Norway during the early Middle Ages from the British archipelago, and since then they became accustomed the Scandinavian cold climate. This is why their fur had grown rather long compared to that of other breeds of cats.

The Norwegian forest cat figures in fairy tales and legends, one being that the Norse goddess Freya’s chariot is pulled by six giant cats. Several Norse legends depicts their ancestors as mountain-dwelling fairy cats with an incredible climbing skill.

It is believed that their ancestors served on the Norse longboats as mousers during Viking raids. Aside from being used on sea, these cats were prised in medieval Norway for their hunting aptitudes and their talent in regards to climbing, being an indispensable pet on farms.

These are big cats. Males can weigh 13 to 22 pounds or more, with females somewhat smaller. The Wegie matures slowly and isn’t full grown until 5 years of age.

These cats nearly went extinct during World War II, but fortunately they survived thanks to the Norwegian Forest Cat Club through a special breeding program. They are Norway’s national cat now.

These cats are gentle and friendly, and are fond of family members. They aren’t as demanding as other breeds, and can entertain themselves. They enjoy company, and even if they’re not in your lap, you won’t have to look hard to find this cat sitting somewhere close. This is a smart, independent cat who learns quickly and has an alert nature. They’re big climbers and love to be at the highest points in your home, or outside in the nearest tree.

These cats are are great with kids and other animals because of their calm, laid-back temperament.

Story inspiration: iizcat

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