The Navy Discovers The Smallest Survivors Clinging To The Sinking Ship

Earlier this week, a fire broke out onboard a fishing boat kilometers off the coast of Thailand, disabling it and causing it to take in water. The crew then sent out an emergency call.

When a nearby boat heard the call, it came to rescue the crew of eight.

Not everybody on the ship, however, had been rescued.

Later on, members of Royal Thai Navy were dispatched to investigate the damaged fishing boat, which by then was on the verge of sinking.

Luckily, someone noticed the boat actually still had several souls aboard.

There, clinging to life on the ill-fated ship, were four cats in need of rescue.

It was then that one of the navy sailors, identified as Tattaphon Sai, leapt into action.

He swam out to the fishing boat, made contact with the cats …

… and swam them each back to safety.

The cats clung to Sai’s back as he swam them to the naval vessel while they were drenched in water and obviously terrified; they appeared to realize that he was there to rescue their lives.

That’s exactly what he did, with not much time left before the boat sank.

Thanks to Sai’s heroism, the cats had all been rescued.

They were welcomed aboard the navy vessel, and given food and water to recover from their ordeal. Fortunately, all the cats were in good health after their scary ordeal.

It’s unknown whether the cats had snuck aboard and hidden in the fishing boat, or if they had been overlooked when the fishing crew was evacuated. But one thing is clear: They are currently in good hands.

Now back on dry land, the cats are happy in the care of their rescuers in the navy — giving rise to some adorable depiction of their newfound friendships.


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