The Cat With The Biggest Eyes Ever

This little fluffy purr ball of joy can do no wrong. When he gives his humans that pitiful look that simply melts your heart and compels you to say yes.
It doesn’t matter if he’s standing on his back legs, preparing to pounce from a hidden location, casually chilling in a cardboard box or simply gazing at you with those big majestic hypnotic eyes, Gimo raises the level of cuteness on everything he does that puts normal cats to shame. We could argue that he should teach classes on the art of being cute. But he would have to teach them during the day because you just wouldn’t see him at night! Except for those eyes that is. Those big, round, mesmerizing eyes. Don’t look at them for too long…if you do you might never escape.
Meet Gimo the cat! The front paws have disappeared into all the floof!

His glorious mane in full bloom.


Gimo reminds his human to put down her phone and tend the kitty!

When he sees a suspicious intruder, those eyes go into detective mode!

Watch Gimo as he wiggles and pounces!

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