Stray little dog follows his rescuers and becomes LAPD’s newest ‘recruit’ of K-9 unit

When we see an unattended dog, we’d usually think it’s either homeless or lost. Stumbling upon one in the streets is no longer a surprise, but to meet a tiny creature who would want to stick around is somehow rare.

Police officers implement the law to maintain peace and order. They tirelessly patrol in different places to ensure the safety of the citizens. Oftentimes, they stumble upon incidents such as petty fights in public places, robbery, and worst of them all, shooting.


But sometimes, they also cross paths with unexpected guests along their way. Just like meeting a new little furry friend on the road and turning it into a comrade. That’s exactly what two LAPD officers found on one fateful day.

Big things come in small packages.

One day, Los Angeles Police Department Officers Mercado and Tavera, were on the road during their patrol duty when they stumbled upon an unexpected guest – a puppy! The little pooch was wandering alone on the streets near Hobart Boulevard so the officers decided to bring the doggo inside their patrol car to prevent it from being hit by any speeding vehicle.

Officers Mercado and Tavera named the little brown pup “Hobart” – the name of the street where they found him strolling alone. They took the pup in and brought him back to their station.

To no surprise, Hobart immediately bonded with them and started tailing them wherever they were headed. Need backup guys? Little Hobart here got your back!

Soon, they welcomed Hobart as the newest member of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Well, his size might not be the best for a K-9 unit but believe me, Hobart will not disappoint you. In fact, even officers Mercado and Tavera gave in to the pup and started to play around (of course, outside their duty hours) with their new furry friend.

They even shared the story on their official social media accounts. On Instagram, they wrote: “Newest member of our K-9 unit Officers Mercado & Tavera found a puppy while on patrol near Hobart Blvd, they took him back to the station and have officially renamed him, “Hobart” Welcome to LAPD Hobart!”

Although Hobart wasn’t actually their new police K-9, the LAPD welcomed him wholeheartedly without hesitations.

Giving Hobart what he truly deserves.

Pretty soon, the officers did the right thing by contacting a local rescue group called Ghetto Rescue Foundation which agreed to take in little Hobart under their care. There, he received his vaccinations and other health care he needed.

He was then placed for adoption and it didn’t take long before someone fell in love with this cutie. To no surprise, it was none other than Officer Mercado who adopted him!

Hobart is now with their family who has a soft heart for rescue dogs. In a 2021 update about Hobart, the family shared with the rescue group: “Hi, here are some recent pictures of LAPD_Hobart who was rescued by LAPD Officer Mercado back in August of 2019. He has settled in beautifully and is a total joy to our entire family. We are a house full of rescue dogs along with a police K-9!”

In fact, Hobart is turning three this July 31st and he is one big handsome doggo now.

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