Small Kittens Can’t Stop Hugging The Policeman Who Saved Them

After two police officers in Texa were finished dealing with a shoplifting call at a local TJ Maxx store, they suddenly met two tiny kittens who needed to help. The poor kitties were stuck under a car in the store’s parking lot.

The cops heard little meows coming from underneath the car as they left the business. They soon ascertained the whereabouts of the kittens. One of the cops, Joe Bob Adkins, delicately reached beneath the vehicle and rescued the little kittens (around 6 weeks old).

According to Jesse Minton of the Arlington Police Department, “they found the kittens inside the bumper where most likely the mother cat had deposited them for whatever reason.” The car’s owner said she didn’t have a cat and didn’t know how the kittens got inside.

As soon as the kittens were safe, Officer Adkins took them back to the police car, trying to make them feel safe and loved. The more time they spent with their new friend Officer Adkins, the more the tiny kittens fell in love with him. They even couldn’t stop cuddling with him and curled up on his chest in the sweetest way.

The kittens were fortunately in fair health when the cops took them to the doctor right away to be examined. The kittens were ravenous because it had been a while since they had been beneath the automobile. They were delighted when the cops fed them formula from a little bottle.

The two kittens have successfully adapted to their new environment and are now at home with Officer Adkins. Adkins initially had no intention of bringing home two new family members on that particular day, but as soon as they cuddled up to him, he was unable to refuse. He made the decision to rename them TJ and Max and adopt them into his household.

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