Senior Rescue Cat Requests Spooning From Dad Each Night

Although the 16-year-old rescue cat Charlie performs a fantastic job of sleeping alone, he enjoys a certain pattern with his favorite human, Dad.

Fortunately, Charlie’s dad is more than willing to support it since he understands how much it means to Charlie.

“At the beginning of the year, I returned home from an extended period away due to work,” Conor Coley, Charlie’s dad, told The Dodo. “The first night since I returned, he insisted on being spooned.”

Since that night, the elderly tabby’s favorite part of the day is when he gets to be little spoon.

Because the bed is his dad’s particular area, Charlie has always enjoyed sleeping there. He wanted to be a part of it.

Every night at approximately 10, he enters Coley’s room, she alleged. He will try to go under the covers if I’m already in bed, but if I’m not, he will wait just where I sleep and meow until I get into bed.

Coley rescued the “extremely laid-back” cat eight years ago, noting that Charlie happily lays in the sunshine until it’s time to snuggle.

“He purrs immediately when I enter the room,” Coley said. “Most nights he will spend the entire night, except for the occasional trip for water. In most cases, he will return promptly and gently pad me awake to let him back into the spoon.”

Charlie, who is 16 years old, understands how to receive the attention he desires and merits.

He will meow the house down if he needs your attention, according to Coley.

But it’s all right. Coley enjoys their routine and connection.

Charlie has been both Coley’s partner and a pillar in her life. “He is always there when you need him, and when he comes in purring for a cuddle, it eases the effort of a long day.”

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