Rescuers save a Labrador Retriever that was standing on his hindd legs in order to stay alive as long as possible

After floods in Mexico, when rivers overflow their banks, landslides and floods occur. A Labrador retriever fell into such a trap in the city of Tabasco.

Despite the dire situation, the rescuers managed to save the dog’s life.

At first, the Labrador simply swam in a circle, waiting for rescue. But his strength gradually left him.

Soon he figured out to rest his back against the window, and stretch his hind legs, thus fixing himself. A genius idea, indeed.

The sight was terrible, and, at the same time, amazed by the dog’s quick wits. Soon people swam onto the boat and pulled the poor fellow to their place.

The doggie got happy and secured, after experiencing fear and scary moments.

The entire rescue operation was captured on video. The dog is safe now. He was warmed and fed. Then the Labrador was taken to a local animal shelter, where they found out about the family of the pup. In a few days, he was returned back home to his parents.

In these pictures, you can clearly see how the Labrador stretches out to the person, realizing that they want to help him. He is full of hope, joy and thankfulness!

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