Rescued Shelter Doggo Finds Home Thanks To The Greatest Smile In The World

Cheech was spotted as a stray on the roads of Texas at the age of two and transported to a local sanctuary.

In the hopes of finding him a permanent home, the City of Waller Animal Shelter and Rescue welcomed him in.

Staff at the sanctuary assumed he would be afraid of unfamiliar situations because he was so small, but Cheech instantly proved them mistaken.

Cheech began showing the most delighted smile while in his kennel, leading employees to believe he was distressed.

But then Cheech flashed the cutest, cheekiest smile, and every employee instantly fell in love with him.

Leah Sipe, the executive of the Sanctuary and Rescue, told The Dodo, “I approached to the kennel to check him out and shouted for the other employees to come and admire.”


“When I stuck my hand in the kennel, I thought they were going to pass out because they thought I was mad and he was snarling.” He’s the friendliest person you’ll ever meet!”

On the Shelter’s Facebook page, Sipe posted images of Cheech’s gorgeous smile, and internet immediately fell in love with the cutest baby.

Cheech and the sanctuary were both overjoyed about the quantity of requests they received for Cheech.

Staff eventually located the ideal candidate, a woman whose ex puppy died of cancer, and her current doggo was distraught.


It was evident from the moment the two met that they were meant to be together. Cheech’s only desire was to cuddle his new siblings Dusty and his new mother.

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