Puppies With Their Mouths Wrapped Shut With Rubber Bands Rescued By Maintenance Man

If only people could be this resilient.” Wait until you see Wilson and Violet now.

A maintenance worker fixing a burst pipe in an apartment complex made a horrific discovery when he found two puppies huddled “ankle deep feces and urine with their mouths wrapped shut with rubber bands”.

The man entered the apartment in Wichita, Kansas after a pipe above it burst and was flooding the apartment. He was immediately struck by the smell. He saw a small crate in the room, but the dogs were not making any sound.

The 7-month-old puppies screamed in pain as the rubber bands were removed and blood returned to their muzzles.

Fast forward a week and the puppies now named Wilson and Violet are “doing wonderfully”.

Luckily the two pups were found just in time so there is no lasting damage to their mouths.

“They are thriving in their foster home and soaking up all the love, care, and attention that every animal should experience,” WAAL wrote in an update on Facebook. “They do not have any lasting effects of their abuse except a small scar around their muzzles.”

As for the owner, the individual is facing misdemeanor animal abuse.

“We wish it could be charged as a felony but the way the law is written just doesn’t support it,” WAAL wrote. “We will keep you updated with who has been charged and their court date when we are legally allowed.”

For now, Wilson and Violet will stay with their foster family as their case is heard before the courts. But when that is resolved, they will be available for adoption.

“They’re loving foster care and their foster mom-dog,” said their rescuers. “If only people could be this resilient.”

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