Meet Panda,Friendly Cat With Vitiligo Markings Who Gives People Surprise Greetings

Meet the Panda Kitty!This unique looking cat has a white nose,ears, and a tail giving him the apperance of resembling an inverted panda!The kitty is super friendly,and gives people special greetings.

This kitty lives on a veterinary farm in Romford East London ,UK.He has vitiligo,a condition which causes an animal’s coat to lose its color.In Panda Kitty’s case his normally black fur has slowly turned white in areas.The condition doesn’t cause any other negative effects,and is quite pretty are.

As if Panda Kitty weren’t special enough,he’s extra  friendly and loves to greet visitors,walking right up to their cars.He goes up to everyone  and gets in their cars.He loves people.

There are a few types of vitiligo which occur in cats.Some types create a lacing pattern in the cat’s fur while other types cause areas of the cat’s fur to turn white.The white will slowly increase as the cat ages.but luckily the condition is painless.Panda Kitty is happy to hop right into cars for a quick inspection.

As Panda Kitty ages,his paws,nose,ears,and tail are progressively losing their pigment,turning white in stark contrast to his otherwise black coat.

A day full of  exploring means it’s time for a nice nap.

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