Meet archie my friend texted me last night asking if i’d be able to help this littl guy sadly his owner was moving and was planning to just leave him behind outside and alone

Meet Archie 🧡 My friend texted me last night asking if I’d be able to help this little guy. Sadly, his owner was moving and was planning to just leave him behind, outside and alone. He was the last in the litter and the people said that they were unable to sell him. While it’s hard to stomach for most animal lovers, please refrain from bashing anyone in the comments; it’s understandable, but not helpful. Let’s focus on the fact that Archie is safe, happy, and getting healthy 💕

They got him to me in the nick of time because Archie has a pretty bad upper respiratory infection and a double eye infection. We went to the vet this morning and got the meds he needs to grow big and strong. He’s definitely underweight, weighing in at just a pound at 6-8 weeks. This is most likely because he hasn’t felt well enough to eat.

Thank you so much for your support, and helping me help kittens ❤️@emiliexfosters said.



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He’s okay! 😂🤣 @emiliexfosters said.

When Archie met Betty 🧡🤎 @emiliexfosters said.

Betty (female brown tabby) & Archie (male orange tabby) are available for pre-adoption! 🎉 What does that mean exactly? Well, they’re not quite ready to go to their new home(s) yet, but are officially looking for adopter(s).

While Betty and Archie enjoy each other’s company, they’re not “bonded,” and can be adopted separately. Though, anyone interested in adopting them together will be prioritized. Their adoption fees are $150/kitten, or $250 for both, which will include their spay/neuter, first vaccines, and microchip.

If you’re interested in adopting one or both, please email me at! If you can’t adopt but want to help, please SHARE this post. Thank you ❤️ @emiliexfosters said.


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