Kitty Found Abandoned on the Side of the Road With its Belongings in Snow Gets the Best Gift Ever

The worst thing ever is finding a pet abandoned on the side of a road, or anywhere really. We pet lovers will do anything to protect our fur babies. So how could someone just up and leave their beautiful baby in the wild? Because let’s be honest, the outdoors is a wild place full of dangers and dare we say…horrible people?

If youIf you happen to live in the city of Pickering, in Ontario, Canada, this story is for you. The city needs some help catching the person who dumped their precious cat on the side of the road in freezing cold temperatures and snow. The city has this to say in a statement on their website:

“Operations staff were driving in the area of Concession 7 and Brock Road. [And] spotted a male cat at the side of the road with all of his belongings dumped beside him.

Abandoning an animal like this is extremely neglectful. As they are left to fend for themselves against coyotes, vehicular traffic, and the weather

‘We cannot comprehend this act of cruelty. If you are looking to rehome your pet, please bring them into the shelter,” said Lindsey Narraway, Supervisor, Animal Services. ‘We will ensure they are kept safe and taken care of, giving them the best chance at finding a new home.’”

freezing cold temperatures and snow. The city has this to say in a statement on their website:

This beautiful cat was left abandoned in the snow!

Driving along a local road, the Pickering staff saw a cat alone on the side of the road sitting in snow. Strewn around the cat were its belongings! Including a cat scratching post, a piece of a cat tower, and a bed. The adorable kitty was taken in by Animal Services immediately. Here, it is receiving proper care and will soon be up for adoption to find their forever home.

If any of our readers happen to know anything about this situation, the cat, or the cat’s owner, The City and Animal Services are asking to contact Animal Services at 905-427-0093.

And from the comments, people were rightly outraged that someone could be so cruel.

One Facebook user stated, “Glad to know the kitty was safe and will get help. Hopefully he finds an amazing family to love him snd take care of him the way he deserves

“So thankful that the cat is now cared for at a shelter. I hope he finds a forever loving home

,” another Facebook user said

The post currently has over 18,000 shares and over 5,000 comments. So we’re pretty sure this baby will find a perfect loving home.

Kudos to the Pickering Operations staff for spotting this poor kitty and getting the darling quickly to safety and all kinds of medical help and snuggles


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