Kitten Adopts A Family That Were Kind To Her And Improves Their Life By Giving Them Her Kittens

In some meowgical circumstances, a Canadian lady discovered that life may resemble Disney films quite a bit. Quebec native Lisianne once made friends with a cat that had strayed into her garden by feeding it. The cat frequently returned for food, attention, and playtime with the woman.

Usagi the cat returned one day, but she wasn’t alone herself, oh no! After giving birth, the mother cat brought all 6 of her adorable babies to meet Lisianne. It turns out that the mother cat had been pregnant the entire time. Usagi lined up the kittens on the porch one by one.

Now, 5 of the 6 three-month-old kittens are looking for a new forever home and are currently in the care of a local rescue group, Chatons Orphelins Montréal. Before you start worrying about what happened to the 6th kitten, relax—a friend of Lisianne’s adopted it.

Usagi the stray cat brought her 6 beautiful tiny floofs to meet Lisianne, the woman that feeds her

After taking them all in, Lisianne sought assistance from her friends and a nearby animal sanctuary.

The woman’s friend adopted one of the kittens. The other 5 are currently in a rescue facility awaiting adoption.

There are 3 females named Taylor, Tynie, and Tyana

And 2 males named Tales and Tito

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