It’s A Precious Moment When A Lab Puppy First Meets His Human Sister

Nothing beats the first time they meet their family, even if the first few days with a new puppy are utterly magical (and hectic). Watching a dog and owner grow in love is unlike anything else, whether it’s a mother or father or, in this case, a human sister. One of these magical moments occurred between Hector the Silver Lab and his new sister, and it is currently trending on TikTok.

Through our screen, we can almost feel the delight of this film. The entire family is incredibly thrilled to welcome the newest member!

Oh, Hector, welcome to the family! We believe your sister is really eager to meet you. Her enthusiasm is obvious!


@shelbo7644 said, “‘Don’t cos I’m already emotional today’ bless. If that isn’t relatable, nothing is! She goes for university in a few days, and this “pushed her over the brink,” as her mother put it. Aww! Although going to college is a very big step, we hope her little brother will help ease the transition.

@niamhellenxxx concurred, saying, “Oh my my, he’s lovely! I just know he’s going to be loved so much.” He definitely is! There is already so much love for the tiny Labrador Retriever, from his mother’s embraces to his sister’s disbelief.

Everyone is enjoying the family atmosphere, too! Love the way you say it’s your sister, @Charmainepere wrote, “I do the same with my children and their baby brothers.” LOL! Many of the families who do this are people we know. It simply serves to emphasize how much a dog is a family member!

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