Having Found A New Home, The Dog That Was Thrown From A Lorry In Kent At 50 MPH Now Always Wagging Her Tail

A frightened and underweight puppy who was dumped from a lorry has been adopted and is now “always wagging her tail.”

RSPCA veterinarians expressed their “amazement” that Freya, who has since been given the new family name Bella, escaped from a car traveling at 50 mph in Yalding, Kent, on January 28 without suffering major injuries.

Freya was thrown off the moving car at such a high rate of speed, and the vets were quite worried that she would have experienced internal bleeding, so they promptly performed surgery, according to inspector Kirsten Ormerod.

The event, which has not yet been resolved, was the subject of an investigation by the RSPCA.

The dog, whose terrified, underweight, and filthy, matted coat was coated with fleas, is now settling in well with its Maidstone, Kent, residents Gill, her husband Ray, and their daughter. The owners did not wish to share their last names.

Freya is really content at this place and is constantly wagging her tail, according to Gill, who discovered Bella on the RSPCA’s “find a pet” website.

She “play bites a lot and can be a little wicked, but we love her just the way she is.”

The timing was ideal, she continued, since she was contemplating acquiring another puppy after the passing of her Jack Russell terrier in April, and she “fell in love with her straight away.”

The animal protection organization is urging people to give money as part of a summer appeal to “zero out cruelty” to animals.

The RSPCA noted that its job is even more crucial given the 90,000 calls it receives each month on its cruelty line and the 6,000 allegations of intentional animal abuse it has looked into.


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