Golden Retriever’s Patience With Baby Playing on the Floor is the Picture of True Love

Parents may worry about how well their children and their pets get along when they are mixed together. Pets may become envious if another living thing steals the spotlight. Nevertheless, parents should not worry because that most certainly does not occur frequently.

Animals may choose to stand by the baby’s side no matter what, even if it means getting the short end of the stick. The TikTok dog @wranglerthegoldenfaglier experienced this. The baby was lying on his back near to this Golden Retriever who was lying on the ground. Despite what you may expect, Wangler’s response is filled with so much love when the baby starts kicking and moving around.


Aww! These two are so adorably beautiful! Wrangler simply endured it and handled it admirably. The baby was clearly unaware that he was kicking Wrangler in the face. LOL! But how was he able to know that?

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