Fisherman is Reunited with His Dog After Being Lost at Sea

This Australian fisherman didn’t think he would ever see his dog again after his boat capsized, but the tearful moment when they’re reunited and his happy dance is so heartwarming.

Does my dog need a swim vest?

The idea of taking your dog for a swim may seem like a lot of fun, but it can quickly turn into a dangerous exercise if your pet does not know how to swim or does not have the proper gear. One important piece of equipment that many pet owners consider getting for their dog is a swimming vest. A good dog swimming vest will provide extra buoyancy and stability to keep your pet safe as they splash around in the water. In addition, it will typically include handles that allow you to easily pull your pup out of the water, preventing them from panicking and struggling on their own. So if you are thinking about hitting the beach or going swimming with your dog, it is definitely worth considering investing in a good swim vest to make sure that everyone stays safe and has fun!


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