Dog lover leaves $32K to local police K9 unit in will so they can buy K9s bulletproof vests

Our passions never die, even after death.

People show their love for dogs in different ways

Some establish rescue shelters, others do the rescuing themselves, some adopt stray dogs, and there are others who channel resources to support causes for dogs.

A Volusia woman was one of these people. Even at the time of her passing, she left her community a gift that they will remember as long as police dogs roam the streets.

Pamela Mobbs left a legacy behind.

She lived a long life of 90 years when she finally rested in October of 2020. With her age, she has seen much, loved much, and did much.

And she decided she’d continue even after her passing

In celebration of her life, a community agency became a recipient of her undying dedication for what she thought was one of the most deserving members of her community.

All about the K9s

Their local police station made a heartwarming obituary for Mobbs as they revealed her overwhelming act of generosity.

Mobbs’s left them thousands.

The cops themselves weren’t the recipient, but rather, it was the agency’s K-9 team.

These hard-working dogs got support from a citizen who was impressed by their loyalty, dedication, and work ethic.

The Sheriff’s Office received two separate checks from Mobbs’ estate, each for $16,428.16, ($32,856.32 total) representing her kind generosity,” the police department shared on their Facebook page.

Mobbs knew the dangers that these dogs had to face daily.

Like their human counterparts, these dogs exposed themselves to gunfire, violence, and harmful substances.

But compared to the police, they are less protected due to a lack of equipment.

Mobbs’s will wanted to address this gap. The money she left for the police department was intended for protective gear and training.

More than that, the fund also covers the purchase and training of additional K-9 units. This will make sure that their community can be kept safe for years to come.

Mobbs loved dogs at an early age.

Her grandfather owned a dog that was feared in their neighborhood. But for Mobb’s, this dog only offered gentleness, loyalty, and protection.

“My mother wandered out into the back yard, and although her grandfather feared the worst, the dog was super gentle with her and protected her always,” Jane Mobbs said, as quoted by the Facebook post “She had many shepherds in her life.”

This only strengthened her affinity for dogs, especially K-9 dogs.

When her daughter took her to a K-9 demonstration in Daytona Beach, Mobbs fell in love with the dogs.

“My mother wholeheartedly believed all the K-9’s should be fitted with bulletproof vests as they often go into uncertain areas first to help apprehend suspects,” Mobbs said on the Facebook post.

This event led to this generous bequeathal.

“This is an incredible gift to our agency and it represents this woman’s amazing love for dogs,” Sheriff Mike Chitwood said. “Her legacy will continue to positively impact the Sheriff’s Office and our citizens for years to come.”


The department currently has 18 dogs on its roster. These dogs are trained to keep their community safe through different disciplines like drug detection, bombs and explosives detection, search and rescue, and even during arrests.

Thanks to Mobbs, these dogs can continue to protect their community safely.

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