Cop Takes On Foster Parent Role For Cat That Climbed Into His Police Car

A lost cat discovered the ideal person to help him, and he wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer.

Officer Rick Butler of the Oxford Police in Ohio was on patrol early on Friday when he unintentionally came upon the stray cat. The bold orange cat reportedly jumped through the cruiser’s open window as the police pulled over to check on a nearby church. He then started pleading for pets and attention.

Butler, of course, was happy to oblige

Butler might have believed it would be be a brief encounter, but the cat obviously had other plans. The cat had had enough of the officer’s adoration, but instead of slinking away, he staged a sit-in.

“[He] is really affectionate and kind, and he is currently refusing to get out of the police car!” the division informed.

Was the cat being uncooperative? Maybe. Did it succeed? Absolutely, it did.

Thoroughly disarmed by the charming cat, Butler didn’t have the heart to turn the little guy away — so he let him stay. The police station doesn’t have facilities to house cats, so as the department announced online, Butler has decided to become his foster dad, at least until the cat’s rightful owner is found or someone comes forward wanting to adopt him. (The cat, “not the officer,” the police department was quick to clarify.)

Butler confirmed to The Dodo that the cat is doing well and getting plenty of snuggles at home with him in the meantime.

Folks with information about this cat, or anyone interested in adopting him, are asked to contact the Oxford, Ohio Division of Police.

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