Cat Goes Missing, Returns Home Three Days Later With A Funny Note On Her Neck And An Outstanding Debt

Cats are definitely one of the quirkiest pets to have, and they have this habit of going missing for days without notice. For long-time cat owners, it’s rarely a surprise how common it is for cats to go missing for 24 hours, and they can even stay away from home for up to 10 days, especially when they like to spend a lot of time outdoors.

They tend to go missing when they lose track of their surroundings while they hunt or explore, and will have a hard time finding their way home, which explains why they sometimes go missing for days. They might have sought shelter elsewhere—it could be a neighbor’s garage or they got themselves locked inside someone’s property.

Sometimes, it could also mean that your cat is visiting another home or place where they receive the attention, food, and shelter that they want. This can also happen when your cat is feeling unwell, when it may seek peace and solitude for a couple of days.

Another reason for this is that they may be in heat, and will wander off to find a mate. One way or another though, they will most likely return and will act like they were never even away as soon as they find themselves on the steps of your home.

That being said, check out this hilarious story of a cat that went missing for three days and returned to her owner’s house with a note on her neck!

A cat owner finally solved the mystery of his kitten’s whereabouts when she came home three days later with a note attached to her.

The cat went missing for a few days, and this Thailand cat owner had to learn where his cat was spending her adventures in a hard and hilarious way. When the feline came back home, she had a collar with a funny message written on it, apparently written by the person that his precious kitten has been visiting, letting him know what his pet has been up to while out in the “wild”

The owner thought it was a lovely note, attached to the cat lovingly. However, things took a hilarious turn when he read it.

The second he went closer and checked the note, the owner quickly realized that the cat was not carrying a heartwarming message or something. The note attached was actually a bill for him to pay!

The poor owner found out that his cat was actually visiting a vendor in the fish market, and as you can guess, she was not hanging out there just to watch.

The note read: “Your cat kept eyeing the mackerels at my stall. So I gave him three.”

Alongside it was the contact info of the vendor, so that the owner of the cat can easily trace them and pay her debt. Since the cat had already returned home all by herself, the owner assumed that the debt has already been paid.

However, the moment was so hilariously creative, he just had to share it on his Facebook page! “Gone three days and back with debts,” he captioned.

Cats are just one of the sneakiest little things, aren’t they? From not staying home to stealing food in fish markets, this chonky little one is definitely a rebel!

Do you have a cat at home with a similar attitude? Comment down your thoughts or share this funny story for all your family and friends to see!

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