Bizarre Dolphin-like Sea Beast With No Eyes Or Fins Washes Up On Beach In Mexico

Locals in Mexico are perplexed by a strange creature that washed ashore on a beach because they have never seen anything like this before.

In the western Mexican state of Jalisco, on the beach near Destiladeras, the discovery was made.

Nobody could identify it. It shocked many people with its dolphin-like head, sharp teeth, lack of flippers, and long snake-like tail

Additionally, it is claimed that the animal lacks eyes, leading locals to speculate that it may have come from the Pacific Ocean’s depths, where there is no light and no need for eyes. If so, they had no notion how it would surface from the depths and wash up on the beach.

The animal was discovered by other beachgoers, who initially believed it to be a dead dolphin until they drew closer and realized it was something totally different, before it was discovered by photographers, according to local media.

When questioned by local media, none of the fishermen in the area could recall having ever seen anything resembling it, but they did add that Puerto Vallarta has a marine area that is more than a thousand meters deep.

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