Because the dog’s favored toy is out of stock, the store sends the dog an entire box of toys.

Melly fell head over heels for his favorite toy when shopping with his human mother. He made it clear to his mother that he needed it, and it quickly became his all-time favorite toy.

He was nearly unrecognizably changed by it for more than a year, until it began to seem a little stale. Because she was a kind and loving mother, the owner started looking for a replacement, but she quickly discovered that there were no more toys available.

She kept looking, prepared to express her gratitude to Melly for always supporting him. After that, the woman looked online for the strawberry toy. She made touch with the chief and delivered her message to him at the store where the owner had first bought the strawberry toy.

The owner’s knowledge that she would send him two toys for Melly made her happy, but she was let down when the shipment didn’t include what she had promised.

The puppy was excited to see such surprise. Thanks to the story, the puppy is feeling happy now.

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