A young girl breaks down in tears as she sees the puppy she thought she had lost forever.

When a young girl finally finds her lost dog after nearly two months, she loses control of her emotions. The small girl can be seen cradling her beloved puppy in her arms once more, overcome with grief, in the video of the heartfelt reunion.

The family of Milky the dog worried he wouldn’t be found again when he got lost in San Antonio, Texas.

They spent over two months looking for him without luck. Additionally, they alerted the police and distributed leaflets across the area in the hopes that someone would find him.

Fortunately, a cop found little Milky and gave him back to his family, saving the day. When Herrera arrived at the scene after receiving a complaint about a dog running loose, he immediately recognized Milky since he knew him.

The dog’s family was immediately alerted by the deputy that their pet was safe. The knowledge that Milkie was still alive offered his family enormous relief. The best response came from two girls who couldn’t believe they were holding Milky in their arms once more. The girls may be seen giggling joyfully.

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