A Kind Dog Intervenes To Scratch An Itch That His Three-legged Friend Can’t Reach

A poignant scene started to play out in front of Myriam Rangel’s eyes the other day as she was browsing a grocery store close to her house in Tepic, Mexico.

It was a fleeting sight of the affectionate relationship between two amiable dogs.

As he passed the market, Rangel saw one of the dogs appear to be making a futile attempt to use its missing back leg to scratch an itch. The movement had a delicate quality, and its purpose was not immediately clear.

Rangel wasn’t the only one who saw and understood, though, as it quickly became apparent.

Rangel watched as the four-legged friend of the three-legged dog approached him and started to provide the elusive scratch for him.

It was a genuine act of kindness.

Rangel initially thought the puppies were stray or abandoned pets because she often feeds stray dogs in her neighborhood. However, after sharing the video above online, numerous locals who knew the dogs stated that they do actually have a human owner—possibly a market seller whom they go to work with.

Even though there are still some unanswered issues about the dogs’ origins, this picture of their relationship is nonetheless powerful.

Regarding her video, Rangel stated, “[Dogs] are love.” “This is a little illustration.”



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