20-Year-Old Dog Always Loves To Snuggle With Her Stuffed Banana

Welcome Tessa, a terrier mix of 20 years who has always been very attentive of those she cares about.

Her parents, her mother, and her other neighbors are all wonderful, but nothing compares to her stuffed banana.

Tessa adores it, and regardless of the fact that it isn’t alive, it is her pride and joy, and she enjoys displaying it off.

Shanna Loren, Tessa’s adoptive mother, says she purchased the banana 5 years earlier after a stray dog harmed Tessa’s beloved toy just at the moment.

“I spotted it in a bargain bin at a nearby shop,” she told us , “but I knew this was the shape of toys she likes.” She devoured the banana as soon as I handed it to her.”

Tessa is so pleased of her toy that she enjoys showing it off to visitors.

Loren explained, “She intends everyone to acknowledge it before she puts it down.” “And when she puts it down, she puts it in the most comfortable bed she can find

“We encourage people to tell her that they spotted her banana so she can go lye down,” she says, adding that she won’t be giving up until she gets her way.

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