15 Adorable Pictures Of Golden Retrievers In The Sleeping Dog Challenge

The sleeping dog challenge is joined by many golden retriever owners. They shared adorable pictures of sleeping golden retrievers with adorable and funny looks. Here are 15 adorable pictures of golden retrievers in the sleeping dog challenge.

#1 – “Bruno, first day home IG: @curious.bruno”

#2 – “It’s a “ruff” life being a puppy!!”

#3 – “Mia wishing my daughter would stay!!”

#4 – Golden Retriever puppies in the sleeping dog challenge

#5 – “Carly 9.5, Bailey 5 and sweet Mya 9 weeks”

#6 – “Sleeping was never a challenge for Jake.. it was staying awake that he had difficulty with 😂❤️ he was my very best friend & I hope this makes you all smile the way I do every time I see it. 🥰”

#7 – “This is two different days. Not sure how this is comfortable but whatever floats your boat I guess! Miller the Golden Retriever”

#8 – “Elwood, 5 weeks (on a visit, not home with us yet.). He then crawled into my son’s arms to nap safe.”

#9 – “Subie is dreaming that everyone has a safe and happy new year! – sleeping dog challenge”

#10 – “This is George, 8 -10 weeks old. His first couple weeks in his new Colorado home. George will be 1 year old on 12/15.”

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